The Story

S'ToV Shoes was started on a humanitarian trip to Guatemala with The Stove Project. We were walking through shops and found that every one of them were selling the same shoe. As we looked around, everyone was wearing them as well. We bought a bunch and brought them home and every time we wore them, we got asked about them. That got us thinking.....

How can we bring these to the market and also support the people of Guatemala???

After a ton of phone calls and some incredible partnerships we are so excited to bring you S'ToV Shoes.

S'ToV Shoes brings you a high quality shoe that's on a mission to support the people of Guatemala. Instead of cutting out the middle man (CHICOTE) to save a few dollars, we partnered with them. They are based in Guatemala as well, so when you buy a pair of shoes, you are supporting more families through them. 

"Tov" means Goodness is Hebrew.